Monday, October 15

Fall Weekends

Cocoa parties and fall treats followed by Ticket to Ride and talking with good friends kicked off our Friday night. (Thanks Steffen and Emily!) Saturday morning was made up of hours upon hours of homework, tests and quizzes. The monotony was broken up, however, with a knock at the door by a man bringing me the most beautiful flowers and note of encouragement from my good friend Anne, back home. Love her. Nothing like good friends. In the afternoon we were off to Snake Bite with Whitney and Austin. We enjoyed antique stores, good food, good conversation, and ran into Courtney, who blogs over at A Fancy Day, how fun! Sunday was spent with Kaloni and Kyle, eating bbq chicken and potatoes, having an Essie party on our hands and fighing over whether or not to make cookies. It was relaxing and nice and we enjoyed it immensely.  Monday was dreaded more than usual. But every Monday gets me one week closer to graduation!

So Happy Monday!

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