Thursday, August 16

confessions and phone pics

I just discovered the blog classy confessions, and decided I would share my confession with you, and apparently also some unclassy photos for your viewing disgust pleasure.

 I have an obsession with fashion bloggers. That will obviously never be my destiny. I just can't get over the part where I have to ask someone, like the mister, to go take pictures of me, while I act like I look cute or something. Becasue I don't. But I love people who actually can do it, even though it usually leads to some state of jealousy that I don't have those clothes/that much money/those legs/that baby/that house in the background/that lipstick/her modeling skills, etc.
But I don't stop follwoing.
Because it's fascinating.

It's kind of an fun, too, because on some blogs I follow, the outfits are a liiiiitttle out there. So I make fun of them, in my head of course. I do not believe in spreading negativity on the internet, Plus. lets be honest, even in their awkwardness, they look better than me at my best. and wonder if they realize that in two years they will look back at what they were wearing and be like, WHAT?! Did I have no freinds?!

But then I found classy confessions and I said to myself, she has my exact style! Just, you know, more of it, and more clothes and more confidence and skinny legs and blah blah blah. But anyways, I love it. Following fashion bloggers, I mean. I get good ideas, sometimes feel slightly covetous, but it really does give me good ideas and the confidence to wear them.



  1. Oh I wish you could see and appreciate how beautiful you are. Others look at you (and also at you and Kelly as a couple) and envy you. You are beautiful people and a beautiful couple. A big part of that beauty lies in the fact that you are GOOD, hardworking, forgiving and loyal. It radiates. But none the less.... like Dad always says...YOU..."look good in ANYTHING!" Its pretty much true!.

  2. It's interesting that you said you don't believe in spreading negativity on the internet, yet in your post you are negative about yourself. Like your mom said, I wish you could see what we all see in you. I love you so much T, and it's sad when you don't see how beautiful you are. (how great your legs you are, how cute your apartment is, how great your lipstick is. etc etc etc) And even if you weren't all those things, you are an amazing friend, wife and daughter because who you are on the inside. And we all love you for exactly who you are.


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