Sunday, June 3


At the duck ponds you must make duck face!!

 You all know how much I like a good Sunday walk. And it's Sunday. So of course we went on one. Our adventures of the afternoon included:

-a campground. we are now scheduling a camping trip. 
-the Teton river. we want to tube it.
-the duck ponds. so naturally I had to make a duck face. obviously. I almost took a picture of the awkward couple that was hard core making out for an entire hour. but I decided to spare you. your welcome.
-the Senior Center. which just so happened to have the old school coke bottle sitting on the bench screaming, take a picture of me! so naturally, I did.
-our friends that we ran into on their bikes and were oh-so-delighted to see. best part of the afternoon and I didn't get a photo. fail. 


  1. Great pics! Just came across your blog! I hope you will visit mine too! Let me know if you want to follow each other!!

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  3. Love your red dress Tiahna. You look so beautiful and your little outings add the spice to love that makes it wonderful to live. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It's raining and I am listening to Constitution classes, and cooking a big pot of beans.

    Love ya,


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