Monday, May 14

a weekend in review

This weekend was a good one. 
It included:

1. Gardening
2. Getting blisters from said gardening
3. Sewing project
4. Said sewing project getting turned into a dress instead of a skirt because the skirt failed
5. Homemade veggie pizza and breadsticks
6. Sunday afternoon walk
7. Dinner with friends
8. Game night with friends and their lovely dog Jade
9. Flowers for my mother from her daughters from afar! Love you so much mommy deareast!


  1. we made pizza sunday too! crazy. we must be friends.

  2. what a fun weekend. p.s you might want to come check out Color Issue's post today :-) xoxoxo

  3. Looks like you make the very best use of your time! The gals at the dentist office (and the dentists) asked about you. You are loved. I too gardened and sewed, and made salads and pasta from garden produce. I also made your flat bread recipe again. We love it. Wish I could show off my clothes line to you... Kelly would LOVE it, boat winch and all! It really is awesome... Love you both.


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