Wednesday, January 4

One of THOSE days

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Yep. It was. It started out great. First day of a new semester. Things were going just peachy. 'Till I stopped by the apartment of a friend to catch up. Friend and I start talking about student teaching. (She is studying History Ed and I am studying Biology Ed) and she tells me that my whole plan on going year round this year and walking for graduation in December and then student teaching in January isn't going to work...because student teachers for winter next year HAVE ALREADY BEEN PLACED. Kick me. Guess what else? The deadline for applying for student teaching for spring of next year is in ten days. Fab. Love it. Not. I am drinking copious amounts of cocoa to soothe my nerves. I'll let you know If I ever get to graduate.


  1. Noooo! Have you taken the Praxis exam?

  2. No I haven't, I have so much to do! I am registering to take it this summer. I talked to the lovely ladies in the Field Office, and they are helping me to get placed in the winter, since I will graduate in Dec. So pray for me, hope it works!


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