Thursday, January 5

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


1. This gross snotty nose I have.  Seriously. I am creeping myself out. Also the way I sleep with my mouth wide open cause I can't breathe...gross. No one wants to see a drooly-wide-open-mouthed-asleep-person. Bleck.
2. The amount of kids on campus who have no clue where they are going and ask me where things are using the buildings full names. Makes me laugh anyways.
3. The Mister randomly walking out into the living rooms sans clothes, and then hearing a knock on the door. (Ok, so no one knocked on the door, but I was really afraid someone would....)
4. Watching people pick their noses in the library, slyly look around to see if people saw them, and then wipe their hand on their chair. Ew. Leave the library fool! I have used that computer you now have your slimy hand all over. Ick.
5. Trying to fit four semesters worth of classes into three. Not awkward. But not awesome.


1. The Mister making me breakfast every morning. Loves.
2.  Our new little apartment. Thought it was too small at first. I even cried upon first seeing it granted *I swear that also had something to do with Miss Flo showing up at the same time we were unloading the trailer into this little place. But now it's cute. See pictures above.
3. The fact that my bestie Alyson got married on Dec 27th and we now have a married double date tomorrow night! Woot!
4. The Mister got me two Griswold ( a brand made like 100 years ago and isn't made anymore) cast iron pans for my kitchen! Now I know you won't appreciate this like I do. But I love cooking. And I love cast iron. But not Lodge. That stuff is...not well made to put it nice. They don't make the good kinds anymore. But my Mister went thrifting without telling me, hunting for these in particular, and he found not one but two! In fabulous condition and he even heat and oil treated them more just for good measure. And then wrapped them up and gave them to me. Dang. I am nerd. And he is awesome. Be jealous.

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