Friday, December 16

Things I Love to do on Date Night

 1. Eat. Admit it, you do, too
2. Cuddle by the fire and talk
3. Clean the house. Ok I do not actually love to do this for date night. But sometimes I procrastinate so much…it gets sorta out of hand. So. We clean. Together. And then make up for it by going out Saturday:)
4.  Cook together. Yes it goes along with number #1. Whatevers.
5. Dress up and go out with friends!
6.  Work on a project together. (DIY Saturday tomorrow, I’ll be blogging about our kitchen!)
7.   Go to Target and pretend like we are expecting a baby and shop for baby things. (You should try this.)
8. Go shopping for the Mister so he can try things on and model for me. Oolala.
9.   Go thrifting. Looove this.
  10. Go to Pier 1 and furniture stores, find things I want. Write them down. Go home and find a way to make it- He does actually enjoy this, doesn’t that make him awesome?

(The above pictures are from some awesome date nights the Mister and I have had. 1 & 2: Guitars Unplugged. 3: fourth of july fireworks with some HA-larious friends. 4 & 5: converting our Subie into a bed and going to the drive-in:)

What do you love to do with your man? We are always up for suggestions- Happy Friday to ya!

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  1. Pretty much we should be best friends!#1 because We go to Target and pretend to be having a baby and shop for baby things. #2 because we love going thrifting. #3 because we love to do projects together! and #4 because you and kelly are so awesome... need I say more?!


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