Thursday, December 15

2.5 hours

That's right folks. Two and half hours till Friday!! Woot woot. My brother and sister come for Christmas this weekend, and by big sister gets here next Wednesday. Bring on the Holidays. Already the Christmas tree is sort of overflowing with presents. And my addiction to hot cocoa is in full force. I even put peppermint ice cream in it yesterday. Can you say delish? I can. 

PS. The Mister sang a duet today for a church activity. He was cute. He also worked all day on one our DIY projects that I will be blogging about soon. Our headboard! Sorry ladies, but the best man is taken. You can compete for the second best. 

Happy almost Friday! 

PPS. These pictures are where the Mister and I were last winter. Jackson Hole. Don't ask why I am eating an ice cream cone in the snow. Its like drinking hot cocoa in the summer. It's never bad.

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