Tuesday, January 2

2017 Top FiveSewing Hits

Now that we have got my Top Five Sewing Misses out of the way, we can do my Top Five Sewing Hits! I am so excited. I learned so much about my style this year. So much that its actually kind of embarrassing. I always thought I had a decent grasp on what I liked and didn't like but sewing this year brought a lot of surprises (good surprises) and I am so happy with how the clothes in my closet have changed to match my style.

So without further ado - here are my top 5 faves!

5. William Vest - Laela Jayne

I'm so happy this made the cut because it wasn't even sewn for me - but for my husband! I made it back in January and my husband wore it all the time and just recently started wearing it again. It has tons of options but I made the simplest version. It was my first time with welt pockets and even though they aren't perfect, I am pretty pleased considering I used this slippery quilted nylon and faux leather. My zipper is also 2 inches too short but whatever - I think it kind of looks intentional...? It was also my first foray into outerwear!

4. Highlands Wrap Dress -Allie Olson

I just barely made this for my Christmas dress but I still can't get over how good the fit is and how fabulously flattering is. I love everything about it. I was drawn to it when it came out and thought that it would be a good fit for me - but I was still also drawn to the elasticated wast, blousy feel of other dresses. After making a few which I hated,  I finally accepted that I like the idea of that but not the reality,  and bought this pattern hoping the straight fit would be perfect for me - and it was!!

3. Cheyenne Tunic/Top - Hey June Handmade

I made my first Cheyenne in October. Its view A made in Robert Kauffman Mammoth plaid flannel and amazing. I quickly made up another in view B in rayon crepe and then another view A in modal chambray. Its amazing!! It actually has some issues - apparently its the first top ever in which I need a broad back adjustment - but I am going to make the adjustments and make another asap. Its fits my style perfectly, and other than the back issue I'm having, its perfect. This is a pattern I could make a thousand different ways and wear to absolutely anything.

2. Ginger Jeans -Closet Case Patterns 

I made jeans this year! Obviously I still need photos of them on (this is a recurring problem I'm noticing - most of my favorite things I never pause to get photos of!) It wasn't even a goal for this year. I wanted to just make pants. Any kind of simple pull on style pants would do. But I made jeans! And I love them! I am so grateful that my bff Rachel convinced me to sew jeans. And thanks to all of you who joined in our Ginger Jeans Party in October! They are so much less intimidating than I thought. I have more jeans planned in 2018 and I can't wait to get  working on them!

1. Hadley Top -Grainline Studios

I know jeans are more exciting than the Hadley top - but this pattern has been the best staple ever. Not a week goes by where I don't wear one (or four) and and they go with everything - high waisted pencil skirts, jeans, stretchy pencil skirts, and lets be honest I even lounge around the house in them with leggings. So yeah. Cheers Hadley. What would I do without you?

So now that were already into 2018 its time for my new sewing goals and my plan of makes for the year - so stay tuned!

What was the best thing you made this year? Bonus points if its the Hadley top ;)

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