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Art Gallery Inblue

 I have been ready for this post for months and months now and I am so excited its finally here! But the sad part is...this tour has come town end - have you seen the other blogger's posts yet? They're incredible! I've teamed up with Art Gallery and Katerina Roccella, the designer of the new In Blue line, to show off some of the most amazing fabric ever!

This line contains, cottons, viole, cotton/lycra, and canvas. I sewed up three different cottons and a knit and they are all amazing. I just really love the quality of AGF and have for years. You really get what you pay for. Their cottons are great for anything from home decor, quilting, clothes, as well as the linings of bags and accessories. 

But hey, if you know me at all, you know I am no crafter. I sew apparel, or nothing! So as soon as I got invited on this tour back in February I began hunting for the perfect patterns, something worthy of my glorious fabric. 
 I landed on 3 patterns for my daughter, and one for me. First up I made my girlie the Polina Dress by Coffee and Thread. Olga, the designer, was kind enough to gift me this pattern when she heard me raving about all at the photos I had seen of it - she's amazing! Mine doesn't quite do the pattern justice because I had the flounces pressed flat here because that's how I had them to do the top stitching, but now after a wash and steam, they are all loose and flowy again how its intended and they are so precious! I should have captured photos of that but...have you tried to take photos of a two year old? yeah.....
 I did the gathered skirt with the full flounces but there is also a circle skirt with a cute neck ruffle I need to make her next! For this dress I used the Art Gallery In Blue Weid Blue cotton. I love the simple floral pattern with only 2 colors. Its soft, feminine, whimsical, but still pretty muted and I love it. Back to the pattern again, I love love love it. It has a clean finish inside and out, fully lined bodice with the skirt waist seam enclosed in the bodice. BUT if thats not your cup of tea and you don't want to line the bodice or your short on fabric or something it also has the option for neck binding and arm hole bindings so - bonus for you!
Get ready to swoon - bikes! I love bikes. Bike prints in my house, bike t-shirts, bike fabric, I want it all. (Did you know my cake topper at my wedding was a man and a women on a tandem bike? Yep... I like bikes.) So this print was a no brainer. Its the Fietsen Dawn cotton and its hands down my favorite fabric from the collection if you're wanting something fun but not too out there. 

I made her the Jane top from Shwin Designs. This dress also has a dress option, also up soon in my sewing queue. It has a facing inside that gets sewn into the arm hole, which is my favorite type of facing. Otherwise, I hate facings. No matter how much understiching I do, those little suckers flip up and I hate that. But I love the facing in this. It also has several options for a back closure. I just this method because I had this random pink button that just so happened to match perfectly. 
It was hard to get pictures of her adorable shorts, but I used the chinoiserie cobalt print for them. this is great print as it coordinates with tons of other prints from this collection. Bonus - its great for boys and girls - totally gender neutral. Thats always awesome at my house since I also have a son...who I usually forget I can sew for....hmmm.

For her shorts I used the Made for Mermaids Evie Shorts. They also have a pants option and have suspenders, but I have never made those options. I just love these shorts so much I've never tried any other views. Why mess with perfection?! They go with everything and are easy to transition from babyhood to big girl hood and keep a little charm in her wardrobe. They have a flat front waistband with elastic in back for an easy pull on style,  pleats in the front, and elastic casing at the leg.

One warning about this pattern - it runs huge! I have made these before filling the size chart...mostly. I followed the haight measurement and the was it in that size was tiny bit too big for her but I like sewing things a little big at this age cause she's growing so fast, she grows out of things in like 2 weeks. So I made the size 3. They were so big they looked like clown pants. The hem fell below her knees without me hiking them up and the waist wouldn't even stay up on her at all. 

So I sized down 2 sizes and made her the 12 month size. They fit great! She's almost 2, will be 3 in a couple months and wears 3T but is nearing the height of a 4 year old. So just beware. They are worth the weird sizing, because I love them so much, just know about that ahead of time.
 And even though I kind of despise matching... I couldn't resist getting some bike knit for myself! I used the Tessa Sheath Dress from Love Notions for my dress. Its adorable! Great casual summer dress for park and play dates! Totally mom friendly which is a requirement in my wardrobe. This pattern is great because it has a back center seam for shaping and is also great if you need to make custom adjustments to your clothes - like me:)
In short - you need some AGF! 
Be sure to enter the rafflecopter below to win some fab prizes - including the Tessa Sheath Dress Pattern and a $20 shop credit to Made for  Mermaids where you could get the Evie Shorts!

And go see the other bloggers in this tour - because they've got some pretty incredible makes up. You'll even see AGF denim used - and several of the fabrics on boys!!

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  1. Tiahna, these are all fantastic!! I'm loving all your creations. I've not made the Jane top, but the Glass Onion is a favorite of mine. Thank you for joining in! I've loved getting to know you better recently.

  2. Oh Tiahna I love all of these looks and pictures!!! So precious! Your Polina is beautiful and I feel the same way about facings! I bet our girls would be friends! And you look amazing.

  3. All so cute! I never buy blue fabric. I may have to re-think that!

  4. I've been so excited for your stop! This whole line is gorgeous and your makes showcased it so well!
    PS- missing your cute faces!!

  5. That dress looks amazing on you and I don't throw out random compliments! I'm really loving it. Makes me think I should check it out and that's the point of inspiring others, right?

  6. Oh Tiahna! All your makes are amazing and you look gorgeous! Love how the Polina turned out! 💙💙💙 So beautiful!


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