Tuesday, October 7

One Month

 We celebrated Lyla's first (month) birthday over the weekend in Washington with our families. She's getting more animated all the time and her aunts and admirers (including me) can't seem to keep the camera out of her face. Despite her many attempts at privacy, she has yet to succeed at avoiding the paparazzi.

Here are our favorite things about miss Lyla at one month:

-she loves  the sound of her own voice, and we love listening to her try out all her sounds (though there may be a few sounds that we could do without..)
-she coos in her sleep. Its adorable. Whether in her bed, or in the stroller, or worn by momma, she coos.
-her turtle face, sadly not captured on camera and shown here. Maybe if your lucky you'll get to see it in person.
-her stretches. At about 4 or 5 days old my dad did a ton of baby yoga and stretches with her. She's never been curled in a ball since.
-her incredible sucking power on a pacifier. Its crazy how much she loves those things.
-she's the loudest eater ever. I laugh every time.
-her little coughs when she's eating way too fast to actually swallow
-her cuddles. she's not big on being left alone in a bassinet, on the floor, or anywhere that isn't your arms. Makes life a little difficult but how can you not love it.
-how every time she has tummy time she either promptly falls asleep or she cries till you get her off the floor because, well, who likes tummy time?
-how every time I set her down on her back she immediately rolls to her side

I could go on and on because what's not to love about a month old Lyla?
Nothing, I tell you.


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    1. you get to meet her in two days! I think I will take the train to orem and have nikelle pick me up so we can all meet you at the airport:)


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