Monday, October 13

A Beautiful Blessing Day

The first weekend of October we went to Washington to bless Lyla. My parents had already met her, as they spent a week with us right after she was born, but Kelly's parents had not yet had the pleasure. Since both of our families our in the same place, we decided to do her blessing there to accommodate everyone. Well, at least both sets of grandparents - none of my siblings could be there and most of Kelly's couldn't be either. It was a really quick weekend, with tons of driving, but was very enjoyable. Lyla got to meet her nana and papa Conrad and her aunts Cori, BreAnne, and Megan and uncle Joe. She also met cousins for the first time!
She was blessed on Saturday October fourth, following the afternoon session of conference in my parents home. Kelly and I had always wanted to bless our baby at home as doing it at church seemed less special. It felt more intimate getting essentially a fathers blessing in my parents home surrounded by those who love her. It was perfect. She wore my blessing dress, and her headband is made from lace from my mother's wedding dress, which i wore on my wedding day. It was also the fourth year anniversary of mine and Kelly's engagement. So she was surrounded by sentiment, from her clothes to the very day!
 We love our little girl so much and are excited to see who she will become - but we are trying to savor ever moment. She already seems to be growing up so fast! 

We love you Lyla May!

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