Monday, July 1

The most fabulous of summer weekends


Some superbly fabulous things happened this weekend. Ready? Ok.

1. Friday night, we went to Kelly's ultimate frisbee game where they quite thoroughly dominated. This was followed by going to see Iron Man III, and I think I have now asked "Who's the hot mess now?" approximately 46556 times since.

2. My brother Layton came for the weekend and Meredith's family was in town for some really big things in Mer's life, so naturally it follows that it was an awesome weekend. Saturday morning Mer got endowed and loved every minute of it.  I was there and got to meet Mer's perfect family, and it was so easy to see where all Mer's awesomeness came from.

3. Later Kelly, his brother Tyler, his fianc√© Nichole, and I went to Monkey Rock to play for the day in the hot sun.  We played in the water, tubed, climbed some rocks, played some frisbee, tanned, laughed and loved every second.

4. That night, Layton and Mer had a photo session with their wedding photographer Justin Hackworth who has blown my mind for a loooong time and I have been more that a little obsessed with. So when Layton called me telling me to get my bum over to Mer's place to help her with her hair woes with was followed by an invite to attend to the shoot to put them at ease, I obviously obliged. It was the. best. photo. shoot. ever. We rode the Rhino and the Gater all over the most beautiful property I have ever seen, and laughed out heads off the whole time. The photos are going to be a dream, I just know. I'm already excited for August so we can call get shot by him again!

5. Layton and Mer came for Sunday Brunch. We had german pancakes because duh, that's about all I make for brunch because I looooove them. Then we had ten pounds of fresh fruit with it and it was a dream. The End.

How was your weekend? 

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  1. I can't wait to see their pictures! Scot and I had our pictures done with Justin Hackworth and I love them.


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