Friday, June 21

Work-Out-Ness from our good friend Pinterest

Tracy Anderson Standing Arm Work Out
Carrie Underwoods Leg Workout


I have recently discovered the best way to work out in the history of ever. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it's called Pinterest, my friends. Just kidding. But seriously. I know Pinterest has been around forever and we've had all our best successes, or epic failures, from using ideas from it. But not until recently, did Meredith and I start something we dubbed, The Pinterest Work-Outs. Original, I know. We're so cool like that.

Here's how it happened. Basically, we got sick of doing Insanity or Circuit Training every day. We got bored. It was monotonous. We needed to spice it up. And of course whenever you want to spice something up, you go Pinteresting. We tried several different exercises, to find what we liked. We wanted it to be hard, cover all parts of the body, and especially focus on the legs and rear (me) and the arms (Mer).  And from there was born our weekly morning work-out routine.

It goes like this:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Circuit training at the gym. Most gyms have a circuit training stations. Ours has a clock for 45 seconds and then 15 seconds to get to your next station, with a cardio station between each weight machine. At the cardio stations do *jump squats, **burpies or cycle in ***kickback position if there is a bike there. At each cardio station switch which exercise you do. At each weight machine, set the weight so that you max out at 12 reps. Like literally cannot do another one at all. It should hurt. At each cardio station, push yourself. You should be so exhausted after 45 seconds. 
Tracy Anderson Arms
It's 8 minutes of pain, but your arms start looking hot and getting toned real fast. We do this one every single day. I just bring my iPad to the gym so we can do it there.
Carrie Underwood Legs
This includes three moves. 
First, you do back lunges with a bicep curl, with or without weights, your preference. 15 per leg.
Second, you do front lunges with a torso twist to the side. Twist the direction of whichever leg is in front. Do this holding a medicine ball. 15 per leg.
Third, jump squats.  Do 20-25.

Go through this whole sequence three times.

Spinning. Our gym offers spin classes, but they are not at convenient times for me, as I work out in the morning and the classes are at night. So I got on Pinterest and found a spin workout. It's goooood. It's linked above. Get ready to sweat and have a sore bum. 
Tracy Anderson Arms. Ouch.

You should try this next week. Happy Friday!

*Jump Squats: Do a squat, the jump up into the air from squat position.
**Burpies: Go down to push up position, do your pushup, then jump your feet to your hands, stand up, jump up in the air, and then back down. Repeat
***Kickback position: Stand up on your bike with your forearms resting on the bike. Rear is off the seat, but just barely hovering above it. 

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