Thursday, June 20

A bridal shower for my almost sister

Yesterday was a day of messes, baking, girlies, laughing and parties. Mer's bridal shower was supposed to be adorable picnic style at the park, but you know how Rexburg is, it laughed in our face and poured and stormed, and so we partied in my apartment instead. And guess what Rexburg, it was great anyways!!! Ha! So we gorged on cupcakes, laughter, love, and lingerie and had the best time ever. Let's do this again soon, girls? Yes? Good.

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  1. Beautiful pics,and great decor. You are a natural. Weird though... I kept skimming through the photos looking to see Nikelle and Kaloni... Uhhhhh, oh! Remembered they are definitely NOT THERE. I have a hard time thinking of 'the girls' without ALL of you together. Thanks for sharing .


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