Tuesday, January 8

Little Sister's Big Day

Austin and Whitney and the crew right after the wedding, love all that sunshine in December! It was cold and windy, but really a beautiful day. They sealed the deal on the morning of the 20th, then headed to a luncheon at the courtyard marriot on the river. That night we were off to the reception at the event center.  

Above, the luncheon at the hotel. Love the root beer for Austin and Whitney, cuteness!

Sorry for the overload of candids, but who's the blogger here anyways?
Everything was perfect, she was beautiful and happy. My mother made her dress, and Whitney designed it. What the rediculousness?! Also, Nikelle, big sis, who did floral design did her flowers and Kaloni, who went to a culinary program, made her cake. I have seriously talented sisters. All I did was show up. How nice of me.

Happy life together Whit and Austin!

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  1. oh my gosh! you birds are soooo talented! that cake, the dress, the flowers were all gorgeous! and whitney is so happy and beautiful. send her my love.


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