Monday, June 18

Here's to you Layton

Today my little brother turns 22! I always thought it was cool that his birthday is either on or close to Father's Day. Someday when he has little ones it will be an extra fun celebration. 

Here are some secrets about my brother:

-He's the only one I have, hence he's seriously appreciated and loved in my family. 
-He calls himself a boy sandwich (sandwiched between two older sisters and two younger)
-He's a pretty stealth ninja.
-He plays the guitar, piano, and sings
-He's a genius
-He's suuuper cute
-He laughs so hard his face turns red
-He's a champ on a diving board
-He lived in Argentina for two years and speaks fluent Spanish
-He can quote The Emperor's New Groove like no body's business
-He takes his sisters on dates to Woo's Teriyaki
-He makes a mean Argentine empenada
-He can run a 4:20 mile
-He's an ultimiate frisbee champ
-He's the best brother ever and I love you and miss you and can't wait till we are all together this Fall! Happy Birthday Layton!!


  1. thanks sis, you're the best 2nd oldest sister a guy could ask for:)

  2. You forgot to say how totally attractive he is! How could you miss the obvious?! :)


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