Sunday, June 17


my wedding day
hawaii: what daddy and his friend did while the women folk shopped

There is a special place for Fathers in a daughter's life. Not that mothers don't have one, too. But there is something very different in the two relationships. I love my dad. *And might always sorta remember him looking like the picture in Hawaii, his favorite place on all the earth. He is funny and hard working and loves his daughters, (of which he has four.) Here are some of my favorite memories with you dad:

1. Picking up nails on site of building our home on Mt Mystery Lp
2. Having kids vs dad wrestling competitions with the lights dimmed in Poulsbo when I was little. obviously we won.
3. That burger place where we would go get burgers for the house building crew that I can NEVER remember the name of. Granted I was like 6. so whatevs.
4. Stories on halloween while we traded candy
4. Dairy Queen. 'nuff said
5. Meeting after work at Home Depot to get stuff for the newest remodel project
6. Teaching me to boogie board in Virginia Beach
7. Falling asleep to the sounds of Morce Code
8. Conversations in the hot tub in the rain
9. That time when me and Kelly were dating and I was being so miserable that you and mom liked him more than me. Wait, that's not a fave.
10. Telling you that we would be dancing to Heartland's "I loved her first" at my wedding and watching you cry.

Happy Father's Day to the best father to walk to earth!
 Glad God gave me you!


  1. does a dad respond to something like this? Are we talking about the same guy here?
    Thanks Tiahna, it means alot to know that my children made it safely to adulthood with me as their father.
    Love you little girl...

  2. Wow...What she said. Except the parts about being married. I've known what song I plan to dance with dad to at my reception for a long time though. I'd add: dad laughing so hard he'd go quiet and red and raspy and snort. haha. I love dad's laugh. Your still the "baddest raddest dad a girl ever had" in my book. I love you! P.S. You still look good in anything. haha


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