Sunday, December 3

A Handmade Christmas

Are you someone who gives handmade gifts for the holidays? Do you ever wonder what to give? If so, we've got you covered this week! From handmade apparel, to lotions, wood crafts and more - this week the Handmade Holiday Tour probably has the perfect idea for someone on your list.

We're in full on Christmas mode over here, preparing for family to come visit for 10 days over the holidays. That means all Christmas shopping, sewing, DIY-ing and meal prepping must be be done soon! I don't typically do a ton of handmade gifts for Christmas, unless I get requests. Like last year my dad requested a hoodie, my mom requested a cardigan and my husband requested a base layer top for skiing. That was a busy Christmas!

This year though, I am simply sticking to tradition and focusing on my kids Christmas Jammies! We do them every year and have a December kick off party. We do it either the weekend after Thanksgiving or December 1st. Its fun to see them unwrap them and read a Christmas story and really get in the spirit.

Christmas jammies are a great gift because you can plan ahead and sew them in the Fall and then get them sent out to grandkids, nieces and nephews, friend's kids, and of course your own kids! This frees up November and December to focus on decorating, donating, hosting, and all the normal things of life.

We do Christmas or Winter themed prints for our jammies, but you could do non-seasonal prints as well. I always get my pj fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabrics because of their large selection of cotton lycra fabric and their incredible prints (not to mention incredible prices and cheap crazy fast shipping.) Check out this whole collection of Christmas prints! They are phenomenal.

For my patterns I use the Love Lotions Leggins' (its free!) for my girl and the Brindille and Twig Leggings for my boy. They run a bit larger and are a perfect on boys. For the top I used the Patterns for Pirates Jolly Roger Raglan but to be honest, that's just because I have it, not because its my favorite. You can use any tee and pants you want. I size up to get maximal use out of them and wear them all winter and Spring. My kids seem to outgrow pajamas faster than any other clothes for some reason....

I love how festive it makes the whole month feel being my little Christmas pajama clad littles running around. And if you want to get in on the fun - make some for you too! You could use the Love Notions Luna Loungewear set, The Carolyn Pajamas (which are gorgeous!) from Closet Case Patterns, the Reef Camisole and Shorts set by Megan Nielsen, or even some Christmas Leggings and a tee using your favorite tried and true patterns. So many options and Christmas pajama are  such a fun, festive thing for the whole family!

So - will you be sewing pajamas this Christmas season?!

Be sure to check out all the other fabulous Handmade Holiday inspiration and staring getting gifts crossed off your list!


  1. A beautiful tradition! And your fabric is gorgeous! - Pat

  2. I'm sitting here in a sort of amazement that the idea of giving Christmas jammies at the START of the season has never dawned on me before. Huh.. That said, this is the first year I'm not doing Christmas jammies. I had to admit to myself that the girls simply don't have room for more. Probably should skip a year. Love these ones though. Look so cozy as jammies should.

    1. I love doing christmas pjs early so we can enjoy the fun of them in the run up to christmas instead of just after!

  3. I can't get over how gorgeous these photos are! I love how classic the jammies are! Thanks for joining the tour!

  4. Your pjs are cute, but I love your photos!!! How did you take the white background ones?

    1. I have a big roll of white paper from Hobby Lobby that I roll out in the back patio and put the kids on it, and then crop the rest of the yard out of the photos haha


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