Thursday, April 13

Life Plans, Ruffles and the new Farrah Pattern from Chalk and Notch

 Do you have a favorite type of fabric? I do. Its called all. of. it. Haha I kid...mostly. Its rayon challis. changes. Rayon is fluid as air and incredibly soft and smooth. I've been on a rayon kick lately with my sewing. Well actually, I haven't made anything in 2 weeks but, you get the idea. Two of the last three things I've made have been in rayon. This is one of those. This fabric is from LA Finch Fabrics (out of stock but I linked you to the rest of the rayon collection) that I snagged on Black Friday, planning ahead for Spring and Summer sewing. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my story asking about which side of the fabric to use. I ended up going with the wrong side and have no regrets! I love the muted feel of it and the colors are perfect for Summer...especially summer in the desert...

Thats right. The desert. Cause news flash! We're moving! We just found out and things are moving along so quickly, its kind of terrifying. I'm sad to leave my lush green Utah, but mostly I'm sad to leave my amazing maker community and friends here. Where my Arizona sewing buddies at???

Now - onto this incredible dress!  

 Its the new Farrah Pattern from Chalk and Notch and its love! We just got back from Arizona and I brought this dress with me. It was the perfect Spring piece to bring. Also - it has a blouse option too! And a front ruffle view! I just had to make the flutter sleeve view because ruffles and me have never really gone together but the instant I saw this, I knew I needed it in my closet. 

Both the top and dress have a split hem and shorter front, longer back. There are no closures, just slides on over your head for easy sewing, even a beginner can make this. Its labeled as intermediate because you may be learning some new techniques, but none of them are hard at all! Plus, Gabriela's instructions are top notch (she puts the 'Notch' in Chalk and Notch) so you can easily handle anything this pattern throws at you.

All the other testers said the hardest/longest part is helming the ruffles. Honestly I wouldn't know because I lined mine. I did that because I used the wrong the side of the fabric, and the right side is very dark and saturated and would have looked all wrong seeing that contrasted with the rest of my dress. So I lined them, and instructions for that are also included in the pattern. My sleeves are still perfectly drapey and I love them. BUT if you don't line them, I do recommend getting a rolled hem foot. It will make the process so much easier, and especially faster. 

I have a blouse version with a hack planned next. The hack is going to be simple but amazing, and I am stoked for it. But I don't know when that will happen with the move. We are busy finding movers and cleaners and figuring out the next 14 days of our life...cause thats how soon we move...yikes!

But if you're not moving, get yourselves over to chalk and notch so you don't miss out a steal of a deal! The pattern is on sale for $9 right now so hurry!

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  1. Wow, what crazy news about your quick move! I still hope we get a chance to meet :) You know I love your Farrah thanks so much and I hope we can work together again soon! XO


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