Wednesday, August 17

37 Weeks With Baby Boy Conrad

You guys! I am so pregnant and it is so hot I am melting ... which has nothing to do with the fact that I am wearing this dress...maybe...
It's August which means if he comes 5 days early he could be born this month! I can't even believe that, as I am 1000% unprepared. To prepare for his arrival I made a quilt topper. But that's it... and its not even finished! Oh, and I moved Lyla to a toddler bed so he could have the crib. But that is the sum total. I have not bought his one singe item yet. 

Something is wrong with me - I blame Summer for all my problems. As I mentioned in my last post, I am due on Lyla's second birthday. She was one day early. My due date would have been identical to hers except its leap year so we added a day. I swore after being pregnant all summer that I would never do that again. But God laughed real hard and schemed with this boy to see how tough I am I guess!

Being pregnant with a second is so different than being pregnant with a first for so many reason. One being, every pregnancy is different, so...duh. But also everything was new with Lyla. I wanted to document everything and remember everything and know what was going on inside of me. And now I am like...yep. There's a baby in there.

 I do however, want to make sure some of my pregnancy with this little guy gets documented, too. Lyla was really active, but shoot, this guy takes the cake. I have been watching my belly roll side to side since about 24 weeks. His movements have been big and pronounced, and almost constant. So constant that it amazes me. He has to rest sometime, right?! Or maybe he's saving it all up for when he's born. I could handle that! 
I started showing a lot earlier and I think he might be huge. Kelly was 9 pounds, so I'm hoping that doesn't rub off on this babe. 

He has given me heart burn for about every second of this pregnancy. Sometimes I feel like a dragon, its so bad. Tums don't touch it, water makes it worse, and any food at all will cause it. Pepcid complete works for a bit but not completely. I probably should have gotten a prescription, but when my midwife asked me about it, my heart burn had calmed down a little and I thought I might be ok. I was wrong! Zantac seems to be helping for now so lets hope it keeps up for the last 2.5 weeks.
Lyla is going to be the absolute best sister ever. She is obsessed with her baby dolls and is always changing their diapers (on her stuffed animals, too!), wrapping them in blankies, putting them down in her bed for naps, singing them songs and saying "shh, its ok." It just melts my heart!

 I have been quite worried to have a boy, tying to imagine me doing 'boy' things, but knowing that he will have Lyla as a big sister brings me so much comfort. I know my little momma heart is about to expand and explode with his arrival, and I am excited to see Lyla have a real life baby.


(In unrelated news - I made this dress, and it has romper styles, knee length dress, and maxi options and it is amazing! I made it back in March with no maternity mods except shortening the bodice a bit and it has been perfect for pregnancy. It'll also be great after, because I can nurse in it. I've made a knee length one as well, and have plans for more this Fall. So if you're up to making an amazing, mom friendly dress, I recommend this one. Click HERE for the pattern and tons of inspiration photos of what you can make with it! I am in no way affiliated with them, I just love this dress...)

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