Thursday, February 5

Love Lyla- 5 months edition

Hi internet! Mom works so hard and is so busy with all the things I make her do, so I decided to take over the blog for her for the day. Because guess what? Today we get to share a birthday! Today I am 5 months. And Mom is 312 months. Apparently that's 26 years. Whatever a year is. I have never experienced one of those. To celebrate we are going on an airplane today! I don't know what that is either but mom says it will be fun and that I should be happy. But being super cheerful isn't one of my favorite past times so I haven't decided how I will be yet. Mom also tells me we are going to visit Aunt Whitney and Uncle Austin. She tells me I have met Aunt Whitney but I can't really remember. I have never met uncle Austin but I bet he's stoked to meet me, because, well look at me?! Who wouldn't want some of this? We are also flying with my mom's friend Beth and my partner in crime Logan. We share a birthday. So basically that makes him my brother from another mother. Right? Plus, we have matching names. Logan and Lyla. So we're tight. Obviously.
Its pretty cool being 5 months. Since Mom always gets to see me do things for the first time, I decided to save something just for Dad. So while Mom was at a meeting this week, I rolled over from my back to stomach. You would have thought I won the olympics or something. I don't know what that is but I'm told its pretty legit. Dad loves me even more now for saving something special just for him. But little did he know that I also saved something extra special for him later that night. My first solid poop. Mom has been feeding me lots of avocado and rice cereal, (apparently to fatten me up cause I still don't weigh 12 pounds even though I'm super tall) and man I love that stuff. Just can't get enough of it. Only it kind of clogs things up a bit. Mom keeps me all clean most of the time and Dad just loves firsts, so I saved this first for him. Aren't I kind? 

I've recently decided to give Mom a little bit of a break so I've started taking better naps during the day. Just to keep her on her toes, though (but mostly because I just love her so much and can't stand being away from her and not getting her cuddles) I get up every hour or two at night time so we can make up for the lost quality time during the day. Sadly a baby does have to sleep, and I do get pretty exhausted by about 3am so I have a good sleep till about 8. Mom says she likes that. 
My favorite things currently are food, food and food. Oh and my toes! But none of that sissy stuff. I don't like bending my knees to suck on my toes. I prefer the gymnast style straight leg. I think its more feminine, more refined. Thats my style. Just don't tell my mom cause then she'll want me to blow out of diapers less often. I also love to laugh. Isn't that the best thing? I think its good for toning my abs, too. So whenever Dad gets home we play a little game of "suck face and laugh." It involves Dad attempting to eat my whole face and me laughing while he fails. I don't know why he never succeeds. I must be too awesome for him. You know, before I was born I would watch my parents and I was so so so excited to come play with Dad. He is so much fun. Mom is cool, too, but Dad is the best playmate. I like to play "balance" with him. Its where I sit in his hand and he holds me up in the air and moves me around and sees how well I can balance. I'm never afraid cause he is the best and if I get tired and fall he always catches me. 
I'm also getting good at modeling. Mom makes me model all the leggings she makes for her shop. Sometimes its fun, but sometimes I hate it and have to remind my mom there are child labor laws that give me rights. That sets her straight. Because of all this modeling and playing balance with Dad I am getting better at sitting up on my own. I'm not there yet but I am definitely making progress and apparently that's what its all about. I am also pretty good at scooting around on my belly and on my back. Sometimes you just gotta move, am I right?
Other things I love. Toys. They are awesome for eating, gnawing, and the like. I also love this keyboard and all the other stuff on moms desk. I always try to contribute to Mom's blog posts, so its nice I'm finally getting a chance. Mom tells me that no one understands my language so she doesn't usually let me have a say on here. Today I had Dad program in a translator from baby to English so hopefully you can all understand me. I wish my body came with a translator so people could understand me all the time. Cause that would be awesome.

Well, thats about it. I don't know what else to talk about except to say that I seriously love this keyboard. Sadly it doesn't fit in mouth. But oh, how I try. One day, I think I shall be victorious.

Love, Lyla 


  1. She's Gorgeous! Absolutely precious and adorbs! <3 loved this post - he :)

  2. This is beyond fabulous! It says it all in the most adorable positive way! You are one GREAT mamma! ( with one adorable baby!

  3. Lyla you are the best writer ever! I love you so much! And your mom too.


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