Thursday, October 16

Sibling Retreat

My little sister Whitney lives in LA with her husband Austin while he attends PA school. She was starting to feel really left out as everyone was getting to meet Lyla and be together, as three of us live in Utah now. So she decided to come visit! Since she was coming, my brother Layton and his wife Meredith who live in Idaho decided to coordinate their visit as well, and this last weekend turned into a huge amazing sibling get-together!

Whitney found an amazing flight with Allegiant from LA to Provo for 100 bucks, so Nikelle, Lyla and I met her at the airport (basically a shed in the middle of a corn field) on Thursday. We scared just about everyone there as we screamed when we saw her walking out. We can't help it, we Bird girls just really love each other:)

We spent the day in Provo (where Nikelle lives) going to Wilkerson and enjoying their pumpkin patch and amazing produce, eating lunch on BYU campus while waiting to meet up with Hunter (Nikelle's husband), eating dinner at Guru's with a bunch of wonderful friends from back home and just catching up and enjoying the beauties of fall.
Whit came home with me that night and the next morning Kaloni, Nikelle, Layton and Mer all met at my place and we went for a run at the park with each other like old times. Some things never change, and we like it that way:) If you were an onlooker watching us all run together, you would have had no idea who Lyla's parents were, as all her aunts and uncle took turns running with the stroller because everyone just wanted to be with her - she is so spoiled! Then we enjoyed lunch at In-N-Out and wandered around the beautiful Wheeler Farm, which was adorable all decked out for Halloween. 
Saturday we all met up in Logan, where Kaloni lives, and enjoyed a lovely walk along the Logan River Trail. That place is amazing! I could have stayed all day. We visited my Aunt Nikki and Uncle Sheldon and their daughter Addi - we just love them and their new home - I'm jealous. Some day I will have a house...sigh. Later we spent the day relaxing the trying to beat Nikelle at the light saber wars on the Wii. None of us had ever played before but dang, Nikelle was born for it apparently. She blew us all out of the water. 

Whit went home with Nikelle to Provo that night as she had a flight home Sunday morning. It was sad to see her leave, but we'll see you again at Christmas! I just love that we all got to be together and spend quality time in each person's town, and that Whitney, Layton and Mer got to meet Lyla - she loves you all!

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