Tuesday, September 16

Lyla's Newborn Photoshoot: 10 days young

Yesterday I attempted taking newborn photos for the first time. Lyla didn't believe in sleeping through them, but she cooperated well enough. She slept for three hours afterward and had the hugest blow out of all time (had to wash her clothes, blanket and couch covers.) 
But hey, the pictures turned out ok. 


  1. She is the sweetest little girl EVER!
    I'm so in love :)

  2. Waaaa! .. Best. Newborn.Pics ever! I love love them. Will you do mine someday!?? - i like that shes awake a million times better. Plus she really is the prettiest little newborn I've ever seen in my whole life.

  3. So lovely. And these prove that she's not a chubby baby! Pretty lean. I adore the second to last one. Miss her lots.

  4. Ok, I had to come back today to look at them again.. sigh . I love little babies! Wish they stayed this way forever. <3


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