Thursday, June 12

Hunter + Nikelle

On May 24th my lovely sister Nikelle married Hunter Robinson, officially making the original Bird family become: the Mom and Pop Birds (Or Bodhi & Amia, as they will affectionally be known as when they officially become grandparents), the Robinsons, the Conrads, the Birds, the Lees and the Udalls. I cannot believe that everyone is married. There are still no grandkids in the family (obviously come September that will change) as we all married so close together. All five of us kids were had in just under 7 years. All of our weddings occurred in 3.5 years. And really it was my wedding, then 2 years later started the run of four weddings in a year a half. My poor parents.

But the best gifts my parents ever gave me was siblings, and I am so grateful we are as close as we are despite the fact that my parents didn't plan us that way and it certainly wasn't easy for them. We are best friends and I'm glad that we all get to be in the same stage of life together. I am glad we all get to know the married versions of each other, and everyone's spouse, before adding children into the mix. Its a rare and special opportunity that, I believe, brings us even closer together.

I got to take some engagements of Hunter and Nikelle a while back, just for fun. It was kind of a warm up session before their session with their actual photographer.

Back story: This wedding has been in the works for almost 4 years. Both of them were so patient in waiting for the right time, and it sure was exciting to see their dreams fulfilled!

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  1. love these pictures. Please tell Nikelle congratulations for me! And you too with your upcoming little baby! All so exciting


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