Wednesday, May 21

baby girls and blessing dresses

This was my blessing dress. 25 years ago I wore this dress while I was held by my dad, who blessed me. I am so thankful my little girl gets to wear it too while her dad and granddads hold and bless her.

I've never been much of a pink or frilly dresses person (ok, I was as a kid, but its been a while) but I love all the layers on this dress and little pink embellishments on the in the bows and lace. Its beyond perfect for my little lady.

My mom also gave me a couple other items of my clothing that she kept over the years. With a little bit of spot cleaning, all the items with be perfect. Better than new, with their memories worn into them and ready to be passed to down to her first little girl in another 25 years.

Last night Kelly actually went to bed at the same time as me (he's usually up all night studying) and we laid there in bed and just felt her roll around and kick and squirm and do her acrobatics just like she likes to. Her movements are getting so much stronger and so much more consistent. She moves around all the time now, sometimes surprising me in the middle of a class while I am at work. She's gonna be an active one, this little lady.

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