Monday, May 19

Bumpdate: 24 weeks

At 24 weeks, things are moving right along. I feel I have been pregnant for about 2 seconds, since I had no symptoms early on, and only just recently started looking pregnant.  But I have been feeling her do her acrobatics for over a month. I don't really take many bump pictures, but I am working on getting them in more frequently. Thanks to Kelly stepping in as photographer:)

Things are getting more real every day. The more I feel her the more I feel like I get to know her, and her personality. I already know we're gonna be little buddies, and I am so excited for that. Kelly is so cute with her already. I think I am more excited to see Kelly become a dad than anything else. My due date still seems like its a million years away, which I guess is good cause we still don't own anything for her except for a couple outfits. I am waiting for the school year to end so I can focus on baby preparations over the summer. She measured big early on, and they said they may change my due date to August, but I hope they don't. And I really hope she doesn't come then. We may be moving in August, and I really can't deal with it all at once.

Though we don't own anything for her, her nursery is in full on design mode. (Not that we have a room for her in our apt...our two bedroom apt is already way too full.) I want it to be bright, simple and happy. We'll see how it turns out.

Feeling: My little ninja warrior. She's gonna be buff...and maybe a gymnast?. And tall (ok that one's just a guess)
Eating: Greek yogurt (nothing new there, been going on all pregnancy) fruit (every type) and beans (nachos, burritos, anything with beans)
Hating: Lower right back pain. Honestly, I don't think its pregnancy related, but its realllllly annoying. And painful.
Loving: The warmer weather that allows me to not wear pants. And all the in-season fruit that comes along with it. (I may have eaten most of a 2 pound crate of strawberries in 2 days....)
Wearing: Dresses. Mostly normal, non maternity ones, but they are mixed in, too. I only own three maternity pieces, and they are all dresses. I can still wear a lot of my pants, but most are not comfortable. I do the rubber band trick with most and then I am fine.  I really love the belly sleeve from motherhood maternity. Its so comfortable and extends the life of pants and shirts that start getting too short.
Rings: On.
Weight gain: 8 pounds (this should go under the hating part....)


  1. So excited for you both! I had no idea she was measuring big, it's all so exciting and we can't wait to see you this weekend!

  2. You look completely beautiful! How nice a photography assistant Kelly has become. He is quite the versatile man. Love you both and can't wait!


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