Tuesday, September 3

Conrad's Summer Adventures Part II: San Fransisco

Like stated previously, we did eventually make it to Capitola after a long and expensive day, and we slept like angels (I am assuming they sleep real good). The next morn we were up bright and early to pick sister Nikelle up from the airport in San Jose. From there we decided to head up to San Fransisco. Us girls (Nikelle, Kaloni and I) have been there and seen about all there is to see, but the men folk had not so we acted as tour guides. Of course, Kelly had to drive Lombard street, get free chocolate at Ghiradelli square, have fish and chips on Fisherman's ward, and Nikelle-who lived in China once upon a time-had to revisit China town. 

On our last visit here, we visited the MOMA, so this time, with Kelly the history buff in tow, we decided to hit up the Visitors Center which contains all the history on San Fran. Kelly ate it all up, and watched every single video. 

The thing the men wanted to do more than anything was tour the submarine.
 So off they went to war, while us ladies fed left over lunch to superbly annoying seagulls. 

Kelly and Kyle enjoyed this day more than anyone, but we all had a blast. And I think if I go back again, I will actually tour Alcatraz. I keep saying I will. And I keep not doing it.
And now for other randoms of the day

That night we ate Pizza My Heart in the beach house and went around and told funny stories and good memories of life with the soon to be bride and groom (Layton and Meredith). We relived old times and had a great time with fabulous company. Layton sure is marrying into one amazing family:)
This one is for Nikelle

Best quote of the day:"I'll be the hobo in the middle of the street with the orange backpack!"
Followed by uproars of laughter. 
I love you Nikelley.

This has been installment II of Conrad's Summer Adventures
Stay Tuned for installment III: Capitola

Farewell you fine folks!


  1. I am so glad you record and share adventures and happenings this way! I love each word and photo and I love hearing your voice as I read? Hugs.

  2. And we love the Bird family too! I will go to Alcatraz with you. I keep saying, "I'm going to go."


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