Tuesday, June 4

Tasty Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Burger on rolls Edition

 Tasty Tuesday went on vacation for a long while. She was really enjoying Europe and such, but eventually she got homesick and decided to return home. With that, she brought the most amazing grilled chicken burger. Problem is, Tasty Tuesday isn't exactly sure of the recipe, (you know how she's always making stuff up? Those made up things are kind of hard to remember.) But I think it went something like this:

--Soak a single chicken breast in salt and ice cold water all day
--Drain the water, and put the chicken on the grill (I, umm I mean Tasty T., used the meat rack for my crockpot, put that on top of a cookie sheet, put the chicken on the meat rack, and put that all in the oven...You know me, do whatever the heck sounds good at the moment)
--On top os the chicken I put salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder
--Bake till its done, which depends on the size and thickness of your chicken breast. (I cooked mine at 350 for about a half hour...maybe less....who knows?
--When it's done, cut it in half, place on a bun, and add -sweet baby rays, lettuce, onion, tomato, jalape├▒os and whatever else you like.

Also, we had the best honeydew ever as a side. I highly recommend that delicious melon. Alsoooooo, I tried making sweet potato fries for the first time. I think they would have been awesome, but I bought actual sweet potatoes. They are supposed to be made with yams. So buy yams, folks, not sweet potatoes.

PS. To make your grilled chicken burger as good as mine, you need the Lion House Roll Recipe. This is my go-to recipe for, well, about everything. Kelly just likes me to make rolls instead of bread. He uses them for sandwiches and everything. That recipe coming next week...if Tasty Tuesday decides to stay in town....so let her know she should stick around, because those rolls are bomb.

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  1. Great pics too girl. Sounds great and I love to make my own rolls too.mmmmm


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