Tuesday, June 11

Sometimes I have to be productive

This last month has been the best ever. I have no work or school to worry about. I've got to relax, work on things for my sisters wedding, sew sew and sew some more. Read a whole series of books. Get tan. Get sunburnt. 

Buuuut... I have to get busy folks. Summer doesn't last forever, unfortunately, and that means sooner or later the new school year will begin and I better get organized and ready. Luckily, my mentor teacher provided me with one of his old lesson plan books. His is above. So far, mine looks like the one below....ya

So today is dedicated to getting the biology class ready. 
As far as human biology, anatomy and physiology, botany and zoology go, they can wait. 
And that's all I have to say about that. 

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