Tuesday, April 16

My Little Obsession WIth Wood

From here, here, here, and here.

 And I am totally loving the white and exposed wood look recently. Right now I feel like if I had a house, the whole thing would be decorated like that, so maybe it's a good thing I don't! Since I don't have a house, I create other small projects for myself that make my little old apartments feel more modern and more like me. I have so many projects I want to get working on right now, but just can't yet (just two more weeks till I have all summer!) 

This last weekend Kelly and I went thrifting to try to find a bookshelf we liked that we could take the back out of so we could line it in wood, but we had an off day and had no such luck. I did however, find these beauties (below) a while back, and for a whopping 6 bucks each I felt like we basically stole them.  However, they really need some work.
After much deliberation, I am going to be painting them white. I just love the drawers and the chunky wood and think that I could just modern them up a bit by removing the glass, getting wood inserts for the top and giving them a paint job. I feel like I am paused in the stage of life where we will forever be living in apartments, and white furniture really helps brighten up small spaces and make the place feel bigger. So in a couple weeks when we get all moved and settled, I really hope to get these end tables all spiffed up and looking beaut.

Any other wood projects I should know about?
I'm all ears.

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