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a job story and all the details

Right after my interview I visited little sister

This is long. But it's a really good story. For me, if for no one else. Just some proof that God is good.

Well it starts like this.
I got a job. For next school year.
But it really starts a while ago.

Last year while a biology methods class for teachers, we were assigned to go to the Jr. High in Sugar City and meet a teacher there who graduated from BYU-I in 2005 and has since basically become the best teacher ever. Well I didn't really like/trust my professor, so I didn't want to go and didn't think it would be worth my time. (Hint: I was wrong).

But I went and I met her and was immediately floored by her. Her classroom was awesome, and the kids loved her and she was a genius and she was a babe. Time goes by, and the next semester I was an eduction class that required me to teach a lesson to her students for one of her class periods. I arrived, scared out of my mind, still thinking I didn't want to be a teacher, I just wanted to graduate.

(When I changed my major after a big schooling change several years ago I could have graduated in biology with a human bio emphasis faster, but I didn't know what I could do with that without going to grad school, so I chose biology education instead. I didn't want to be a teacher at all, but at least if I had to ever use it, I could.)

Well I taught her class and left the school on some sort of high I had never experienced. I liked teaching those kids. I actually loved it. And teaching was not something I had ever remotely enjoyed before. I guess you guess my major was pretty much drudgery up to this point. I just

And actually pretty much nothing changed after that because I didn't teach in her class anymore, and the prep for each lesson was still so overwhelming to me and I almost changed my major 68347598347 times because teaching.wasn'

But then I decided I went through it all, I might as well student teach. And I obviously here I am, so totally in love with a job that I don't want to leave this school. But I have to. Cause student teaching ends in three weeks and when I'll be living back in small town Idaho waiting for Mister Kelly to graduate in accounting. And well obviously I need something to do while he goes to school. So naturally I started looking for teaching jobs back in February. AND HERE'S WHERE IT GETS GOOD.

The very day I started looking for science teacher openings in the surrounding areas of Rexburg, I get contacted by a friend. A friend I happened to meet while attending her classroom in Sugar City and teaching her students and loving it.

She told me that she had just visited SC, and that both the jr and high schools were hiring and that I should apply. The job wasn't posted yet so she asked for my resume so she could give it to the principals. I sent it to her.

The very next day I am in my classroom cleaning up and grading after school and listening to the cheering coming from the direction of the gym where we were hosting the 3A state girls basketball tournament, when I get a call. I answer. It's the principal of the high school in SC. He tells me He heard good things from Jena about me, and that he happened to be in Nampa for his daughters state basketball tournament. He wanted to meet that night at gym. So what did I do but hop right on that offer and show up at the gym.

Introductions went well, he is a great principal and really personable and fun, and I was really excited after that. I waited for the job to get posted on-line and when it did, I applied. Duh. Then I heard nothing for a while and then got an email form BYU-I where they send out possible job opportunities to people in that field. The email said that the SC school district was hiring and interviews would be next week so apply fast.

I got sort of scared. I thought next week sounded soon and I still hadn't heard anything so maybe I wasn't getting an interview. I had still been looking at other districts, particularly a charter school in IF that was in need of some science teacher. Charter schools sounded fun.

Well last week the principal called and said they wanted to interview the following week and would I be available to come to SC. I said yes (again duh) and he said he would call Friday or Monday to set up a day and time for the interview.

Friday and Monday both came and went and I heard nothing. Tuesday I had my portfolio review interview for student teaching. As I left the school to go to the offsite location of the meeting, I checked my phone and saw a message and listened. It was about an interview! So I did my portfolio review interview, passed (although she tried reeeaally hard to fail me on something) and called him back and set up a time. I left after school Wednesday to drive to SC, had my interview Thursday morning, left to go home to Nampa that afternoon, and got a call about 4:00 that I got the job.

I'm actually super terrified because I am going to be teaching a lot of subjects. I could potentially be teaching zoology, biology, environmental science, and human bio/anat phys. I walked into my classroom this morning and my cooperating teacher was sitting there and said congrats. I hadn't told him yet. When the principal called and talked to him, he told him afterward that he was going to call me and offer me the job.

I did nothing to deserve this job. God just sort of threw at me and I am so grateful (and terrified). I feel bad for whoever else interviewed and didn't get it (unless with was just me, quite possible. Its a real small town....) I am sure I wasn't the only one praying for a job.

So, this was long, but I found it interesting how long God has had this in the works. From meeting Jena, to still hating teaching, to finally deciding maybe its a good thing for me, and her recommendation and faith in me, and the faith that Dunt, my mentor teacher has in me, and that we happened to be hosting the state tournament and that the principal's daughter happened to be playing in it, and etc., etc.

God is good my friends.

God is good.

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  1. Yes,my dear, He is. I promise you, you will NEVER stop seeing His hand as long a syukeep looking for it. We are so very happy for you. I bet your Mister Kelly is so proud of you.


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