Tuesday, March 19

strength, love, courage and lots of tears

This weekend I was home for a short visit, which I will cover next time. During that time there was a lot of praying and crying and pondering and thanksgiving and full-heartedness going on. I have been given the most amazing extended family a person could ask for. They are good strong people who I hope to be able to emulate some day.

Last wednesday my cousin and her husband found themselves as the parents of a two-year-old drowning victim, their daughter asleep in a coma. Just two weeks earlier the family had come together to celebrate their becoming the parents of another beautiful daughter. Already the happiness seemed to be taken from them. Amelia was life-flighted to SLC Primary Children's Hospital where they endured days of pain, and eventually solace and comfort as they were blessed with many tender mercies. Their little sweetheart was anxious to return to Heaven to continue her journey there, and on Sunday she did just that. Her strong and loving parents handled it with grace and love and know they will see their little girl someday, and now Amelia has become the strength that so many hold to.

I cried most of the weekend thinking about what if I was this precious angel's mother, and the heartache that would ensue from such an encounter with pain and devastation. I am not sure I would be as strong as her parents. I look at Ashley and Kurt, and see only the love of parents, like our heavenly parents, who love and do so much for us, but know that we were meant for greater things. I am truly inspired by the strength of others, and by the strength that the Lord provides when we need it.

So here's to you Kurt, Ashley and precious little Amelia.
We love you.

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