Friday, March 29

Sometimes I get what I want, and Kaloni does, too

Little sister got engaged yesterday.
My baby sister.

Before I met Kyle, I think I thought the day little Loni got engaged would be kinda sad. But I am stoked! Loved him since I met him and I couldn't be happier for them.

Last semester all the Bird kids and their significant others took a little weekend trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa and to go to Lava Hot Springs. After several hours in the hot water, we were all sufficiently starving and went to a little pizza parlor right there in Lava. We all sat at a long table at a raised part of the little place, along the front window. The snow fell softly outside, and we were all together and happy. I turned to Kelly and told him that I wanted everyone to marry the person they with. Little sister Whitney was engaged to her husband Austin at the time, Kyle and Kaloni were happy as ever and Layton was there was his lovely girlfirend Meredith. Nikelle's boy is still in Dominican Republic, so we may have to wait for his return, but my wish is coming true.

So here's to change and marriage and Kyle and Kaloni Udall (almost).
Kelly and I love you Kyle!
And we're excited for August 10th...


  1. I love thinking of that image of all o f you together in one of our favorite family places....we are so happy for our kalongi too...and what a lucky guy that handsome Kyle is to get our 'heavenly child".

  2. Oh, yay! This makes me so happy!


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