Tuesday, February 12

Birthdays and Husbands and Love

Let me introduce you to the oh-so-delicious but terribly unattractive "oatmeal cake"

This is a fun week every year in Casa de Conrad. This last Tuesday was my 24th birthday, today is Kelly's 25th, and in two days we celebrate love, which Kelly and I do all year round, Valentines day or not! 

To show my love to Kelly every year on his birthday, I make some dessert I have never heard of. The first year we were married he wanted oatmeal cookies for dessert. I've heard of those before. But he wanted some kind that, of course, I hadn't heard of. Plain oatmeal, no chocolate chips or raisins or anything. Just smooshed flat with powdered sugar on them. They were actually pretty good. Last year he wanted a dessert we had at a friends house once, called apple cake. I didn't actually have any of it that night, so I had never tasted it.  But I made it, and it was heavenly. Quite possibly one of the best desserts to ever grace my pallet. ever. This year he wanted oatmeal cake. Let me just say, that sounded like the least appetizing birthday cake ever.  Well, I should be used to this by now, but it was phenomenal. I used this recipe. We used agave instead of white sugar, and used half as much, and it was just incredible. But can anything with basically boiled, caramelized cream on top be bad? I mean really, I say that it cannot. And we decided that since mister-man-Kelly is now a quarter of a century old, that this candle was needed. ha! 

We celebrated on Saturday night with our nieces and nephew with a little movie night watching Hotel Transylvania. We celebrated again tonight with a hearty meal of breakfast for dinner. Kelly would eat this meal every day if I let him, or made it for him. After dinner he enjoyed modeling his birthday presents for me, consisting of a myriad of under armor pants, shirt and sweatshirt which he has been begging me to get him for months. 

Kelly darling, I love you forever and am so grateful I get to spend my days with you. I love watching you take apart broken stuff for fun, and trying to fix it, and I'll even let you spread the parts all over our little home if it means that I always get to come home to you, go to bed with you, wake up with you,  have children with you, and love you. Thanks for loving me, too.

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  1. Oh!....I've missed hearing from you, and hearing about your life and each other. Isn't having a good companion just the BEST! So happy for you....and US for having another great addition to our "relations". Hugs dear son-in -law!


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