Friday, November 9

A little bit of Dallas

This is the hotel where our conference was. It was awesome. The end.

Freebies! So many good books to read! (I'm a nerd, yes)

Study break at the hotel, working on my research paper

I'm an insanely skilled packer. Thanks for the lessons Mom!

So, to finish telling you about my trip. Here we go.

It was a national Biology Conference. So suffice it to say, all in attendance were science geeks, k? We had fun learning about evolution, writing songs that we could use to teach DNA replication, observing pupating lady bugs, learning ways to teach cell division and symbiotic relationships, and reading about HELA cells. It was awesome. friend won first place with her research she presented (beating a grad student and twenty something other presenters!)

We did take some time to be normal folks for a night when we headed to the Fort Worth Stock Yards to get our Rodeo on. . . or something. It was fun, and the whole town is themed for tourist. We had the best Texan Burger of my life, and were extremely sleep deprived.

I am glad I went, despite how tired I was after wards and no matter how crazy this week was in order to catch up. Today, Monday and Tuesday I am teaching a class at the Junior High and have a couple more tests to take, so I am not sure school will be slowing down at all. Probably not till December 14th. (Graduation!)

Tonight Kelly and I are off to my grandparents house, where we will meet up with my mom who came down for a funeral. It will be fun to get everyone together. Well, except my dad, who, due to new church responsibilities, is staying behind, so sad.

Happy Weekend.
May it be very restful, as I hope mine will be.

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