Tuesday, October 30

A weekend in Review

This weekend we:

-had a Halloween party
-Made zucchini bread
-Played an intense game of Jenga-turned-Dominoes
-Watched Alias (It's old, I know, but we looove it)
-And in general, had a fabulous time

I am off to Dallas today for a conference, and will miss my mister, but I know he's in good hands with his doctors and his friends (yes you, Bryson). After having a few man nights and watching car races, he probably wont want me to come home!

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  1. Hey Tiahna,
    So earlier this year I watched 4 seasons of Alias. I had never seen it before but totally loved it! Glad you brought it up. How can you go wrong with Jennifer Garner and her mad CIA skills haha?


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