Tuesday, September 11

Remembering 9.11

photo via the beautiful Kristen Cagle. Follow her on instragram @kn_cagle

My dad was supposed to be in DC that day. He worked for the Department of Defense, in Bremerton WA and was in charge of some stuff that was supposed to take him out of town. We had just moved back to Washington from Virginia in June. He traveled to the east a lot. He was, at that time, however, switching jobs and we were moving to Tri-Cities and he was going to work for the Department of Energy. We were scheduled to move on September 14th. My dad decided there was no way he could make the trip. He had to get his family packed and ready to leave. His friend went instead. He was stuck there for a long time. The hi jackers were in his same hotel.

I was in middle school. I was on a bus, about to leave on a field trip. We left really late because all the teachers were inside watching the news. Eventually they had us go on the trip anyways, but they handed us all a letter to take home, and talked about terrorists, fear, death, and towers. I didn't know what really happened until I got home and talked with my family. I was sort of confused about what it all meant, and scared for what else might happen.

This is what BYU-Idaho did to remember. It's gorgeous. I promise you I almost cried. At 11am everyone gathered and sang the national anthem. And we all remembered where we were.  And thanked the many who have died for our freedoms. And mourned for the many lives that were called back to live with Him.

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  1. It's good to remember,and I love the patriotic way BYU-
    I remembered. thanks for sharing. We love and pray for you.


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