Monday, August 27


This weekend we had no plans, so it all just sort of happened, and it was perfect. It was made up of lunch with family and friend Millie at Frost Me Sweet, followed by a pedi with Millie, and later in the day little sister and I went over to her place and laughed for a few hours. Then we had an adventure of a shopping trip at TJ Maxx where, without fail, every purse I picked out was over 200 dollars. *Thanks Kaloni for finally finding my a good one. That I could afford.

Saturday we were off to the orchard of a friend where little sister Kaloni and I picked ten tons of nectarines. We are the perfect team of domesticity, however, and we had them seperated and cleaned and de-bugged in no time. *the blending and dehydrating was maybe a bit of a slower story... Then it was clean up time and we were off to a friend's wedding reception. It was gorgeous and classy and she wore her mother's dress, just like I did.

Now it's back to the grind. But it started off well, as a coworker of mine picked me up a bunch of Essie colors over the weekend and they were sitting on my desk this morning! And luckily, this is my last week and then we are headed back to tiny town Idaho for another semester at school, and I must admit that, although I am perfectly aware that this final semester of mine will likely kick me in the bum, I am stoked for it.

Bring it on.

*ps. obviously all the pics were taken on my not-so-smart-phone. sorry.

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