Wednesday, August 29

Random Ramblings

Yesterday was my first encounter with an Insanity workout. The name is quite fitting. I am very sore. However, I like it better than P90X.   P90X has too much manliness in it for me. I did it for two months, and have done it on and off since, *mostly off, but I can't get over how annoying Tony is and how many push ups they do.
Insanity does a lot of push ups, too. But it's not for the sole purpose of getting strong. He has you do them really fast, as the idea behind Insanity is cardio cardio cardio. Don't stop moving. And they accomplish that. It is HARD. But I kind of like it.
Now onto another note, I finished Pride and Prejudice, *and am pretty sure my first son will be named Darcy, my second one will be Blythe, for Gilbert, from Anne of Green Gables. Don't tell Kelly). I will now be including the word felicity into my daily vocabulary. Watch out world, a refined Tiahna is coming out.
In other news tomorrow is my last day of work here! I will miss Millie dreadfully *like that? but shall be glad that my time to return to my manor in Rexburgshire is nigh at hand. *I told you I was refined.
In even more other news, my brother-in-law's wedding got called off by the bride quite suddenly, *it's for the best but since his side of the family already had plane and hotel accomodations, we are making a vacation of it. So that's where I'll be this weekend. In Scottsdale at the wedding turned non-wedding vacation/family reunion. Should be fun.
Happy Hump Day.
*wednesday got the short end of the stick on that name.

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  1. I must admit to some disconcerted feelings at seeing pride and prejudice sandwiched between two less likely things! Very humorous if you ask me. Those girls were considered unladylike because they were so "active " by walking as much as they did. And here you are showing bulging muscles and sweat right beside. My how far we have come!


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