Wednesday, August 22

Pride and Prejudice

I may or may not be Jane Austen's biggest fan. I love this movie. It's my all time favorite. * Cause, you know, I've seen it in literally all it's forms. Yes, I have seen all of those versions. My favorite it still BBC's version, but it's almost tied with the Kiera Knightly one. the other ones are just jokes. I just don't think anyone can beat Collin, sorry. 
 I am finally becoming a real women and reading the book. And let me inform you that it's pure, blissful love. I feel like I am refining my vocabulary already. I'll be all prim and proper before you know it. Be on the look for an invitation to my ball, where I wow you with my dancing, amicablity, piano playing talent, impressive vocal range, and my impeccable taste in male companionship.
Ta Ta!

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  1. As much as I love Pride and Prejudice, and thus admire your good taste, I must tell you that Sense and Sensibility is at least as good, if not better. Also, as good as it is to read Pride and Prejudice, it is even better when listened to. (And Sense and Sensibility, also.)


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