Monday, August 6

a weekend in photos

Sorry to overload with photos, but I just had so much fun this weekend. We went across the Pugent Sound to Poulsbo, where I grew up, to go to a wedding, and to Gig Harbor to see my cousins. We went to the harbor and visited the bay where we used to go sailing in Poulsbo. We went and saw my two old houses and the street that my dad named, and the old elementary and junior high schools where I went. It was a fun walk down memory lane. The wedding was beautiful and it was a happy and celebratory garden party.
 Congrats Julie and Andrew!


  1. Thanks to all our kids for making the effort to come and spend this time with us. I know it was a sacrifice, but I think it was a good trip down memory lane. Additionally, I think it meant something to several people htat we came to see and be with them. Dad and I love you all, and enjoyed sharing the weekend with you.

  2. looks like yall are having so much fun! next time take us with you haha


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