Friday, July 6

Big Sis Turns 25

 What the heck?! When did our family get so cottin' pickin' old? 
uhmm. Moving on. 

Dearest Nikelleybird,
my adventurous, exciting, funny, outdoorsy, skillful, loving big sister.
happy 25th Birthday.
quarter of a century.

I love a lot about you.
like the fact that you let me cry on you.
and come to me when you need to do the same.
and go running with me.
and go to zumba.
and didn't make fun of me when I was too scared to climb up the ropes course.
and go on 30 mile bike rides with me.
and converted me to quinoa burgers and cauliflower tater tots.
and let me go on exciting road trips with you.
and  turn on the sprinkles at the garden when I am too lazy to go.
and find me all the best clothes when we go thrifting.

Well today we celebrate the day of your birth. and its a big day for me. cause I know the reason I wasn't scared to come to earth, was because you were here waiting to play with me and show me all the cool things that world had to offer. 
I love you.
Here's to eternity being your little sis. 

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  1. Happiness is knowing your kids love each other. Oh how very happy we are! You made me cry Tiahna.
    I love you, and I love what you share.


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