Thursday, April 19

Be Jealous

I am willing to bet that I have a different college experience than most. This is mostly to do with my beliefs. I go to Brigham Young University-Idaho. And basically, we do more creative things for fun than most people, because we don't smoke, drink, sleep around, etc.

This week a new semester began. I guess I welcome it because after this one, there is only one left! I can last that long.

But really, I welcome it for many other reasons. Summer semester is far superior to any other. The best memories are always made in the summer. (Ok so actually all my cabin trips, skiing, and snow cave making memories rock, too.)

So I look forward to memories that are in the making. Like the ones above that have taken place in the last 4-5 years.

(I know my life rocks, feel free to be jealous, or just come on and over and join us fun, friendly folks:)


  1. Yes, I am jealous of your fun college years. Mine were fun too, but I just didn't have time for all the activities you and your siblings and friends have done. And I am glad you have! The photos are terrific and I love love love the first one of Nikelles happy smile! Have a wonderful last year. I hope it is the the best yet!.

    Love Mom

  2. looked like a super fun trip!!

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