Sunday, February 12

An Atypical Love Story

Our apartment complex is having a competition for a Valentines Day Date gift card. So we entered with this story. We probably wont win. But here it is.

His and Hers: An Atypical Love Story

Fall into Like
 Mr: I was sitting at the table outside the cafeteria when she walked by. I had seen her at church, but hadn’t gotten up the guts to have a real conversation with her. I knew right then I wanted to date her. And marry her. But I couldn’t even talk to her! I was like a kid in a candy store. But the shop was locked up and I didn’t know where the owner was.
Mrs: My first recollection of Kelly was when my parents invited them over for FHE because they were new to the ward. I had supposedly met him earlier but I never noticed him.

.                 .                 .                 .

Grandiose Plans
Mr: Over the years, I tried, tried, tried. All my sure fire plans seemed to be shot down by a seasoned hunter from a duck blind. After my thousands of failed attempts, a friend told me about a fail proof romantic hike. We would climb a mountain and I’d make breakfast for her and watch the sun rise while we cuddled in a blanket to keep warm. Well, that’s how it went in my head.  I thought, “Perfect! This is going to win her over. She’ll think I’m thoughtful, romantic and a good cook.” I picked her up early in the morning but when we got to the base of the mountain, I realized it was too cold and windy to hike. So I changed plans and drove to the river. There we had a great time over omelets and apple cider and great conversation. I thought it was a great success and that I was finally going to get my chance.
Mrs: Right as I was about to head off to school for the year, Kelly asked me on yet another date. I figured I would give him one last shot since after this he would be out of my hair for good. But the date was at 6:30 in the morning - in December! I had as much interest in this Chinese Death March as a girl going to climb Mount Everest in shorts at O-Dark hundred. It was still dark when he arrived.  It was windy. Freezing. And Miserable. I was praying that he would change his mind about the hike. Thank the Heavens, he did. We went to the river instead. He made me an omelet and cider. I wrote in my journal that night “It was absolutely freezing! The food was fine, but I’ve had better. The conversation was awkward and lame. I’m so excited I am leaving for school so this wont be so awkward anymore. I know he’s liked me for years, but he’s never going to get reciprocation from me and it just makes me really uncomfortable.”

.                 .                 .                 .

The First Letter
Mr: After a year’s worth of mission experiences and five weeks of no mail, the mail gods blessed me a gift that would forever alter the course of my life.  It was a simple friendly letter, but I knew that despite my pathetic beginnings, she was going to be my wife.
Mrs:  Was it the time? Was it the distance? Or was it the Spirit finally getting through to me? I may never know but after four semesters of school, 52 weekly mission emails from Elder Conrad, and seeing that I may have been a wee bit hasty to cast aside this young man, I decided I should write to Kelly. I did.  I wrote a letter. Then two days later I wrote another. Then two days later I wrote another. Of course it was just my luck when I was finally ready to fight for his attention, he had higher priorities than me and was utterly unavailable. Three weeks later I finally received a response. I knew from then on things were different. I was going to marry him someday. It was when, not if, in my mind.


  1. ah! this is so cute. i love that you wrote that in your diary, baha!

  2. This will be so great to explain to your children some day! I can just imagine little discussions with the boys, on perseverance,and knowing what you want and not giving up, and " keep practicing your creative dating as you never know which one will capture her heart" etc. And then the discussions with the girls on not judging too quickly and allowing the boys more time to mature and grow up before eliminating them entirely and all sorts of variations! So sweet. I love your love story. I just hope you keep adding even better and more wonderful chapters to the story for many years to come.

  3. Ditto, MommaBird! In addition to this truncated love story version, there's a few more fun details from the "backseat" that I might add. Like the time Kelly came home ecstatic on cloud nine when he told me, "That's the girl I'm going to marry" He was about 15 at the time. He said being around her made him really want to be his best self--and influenced him to go on a mission.

    And what about all those late nights at Christmas break that Kelly and Tyler spent with Tiahna and Nickelle (remember when the bishop told the boys it wasn't cool to stay till 2am in the morning when they fell asleep on the couch).

    Then there was the ward party where Jeff and Becky sat at our table and Becky told us that Tiahna (who was writing Kelly at the time) had been making wedding plans with Kelly in mind. I don't think you took it serious Becky, but we knew Kelly's intentions!

    So, we got to watch this little love story develop from the side-line and sometimes it was fun to see it unfolding and the two of them coming together finally!

    Yep--a sweet, if however "atypical" love story that just keeps getting sweeter with time as these two grow together! It's fun to see!

  4. Haha...ya there was so much more we wanted to say but it was only allowed to be one page...Some time Kelly I need to document our entire story.

  5. I hope you do write the full uncut/unabridged version for posterity and families of origin to share in the love and laughter of how two wonderful people came together! Bring it on....


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