Tuesday, December 13

Tasty Tuesday!

It’s not my not so secret pleasure. I love making it. Its becoming more of an addiction, really. I made it two days in a row. And my recipe makes 4 loafs! However, I did give most the loaves away. I have learned how to make artisan bread, and it’s amazing. I had no idea that all you do is bake the bread on a jelly roll pan instead of a loaf pan! Then I just put an egg white glaze on it and sprinkle oats and wheat germ on top and cook for 35 minutes. One tip when baking bread, use a meat thermometer! This helps so much. Stick it into the center of the bread while the bread is still in the oven. Artisan bread should be 190 degrees. And it should get there fast. If not, it’s not done yet. Regular loaves should be about 180 degrees. My mom gave me the recipe that I use, the only addition that was made is I sometimes take out 1/2 cup if the water and add two eggs instead. Eggs help with the rising. However, I actually gave that up and just bought bread enhancer. I love it, it helps the bread rise faster so I don't have to wait so long. Also, when bread calls for milk, use dry non-fat powdered milk, it helps with rising also and works amazing. I've never used anything else, and then I was taught that powdered milk is better, especially if you’re not using dough enhancer. That’s where the eggs come in as well.

If you are using a Kitchen Aid like I do, make sure your machine can handle 12 cups of flour. Don't want to burn your motor!

My Momma's Light and Sweet Wheat Bread Recipe
Makes 4 two pound (medium) loaves

9 Tbls Honey (I've even used dry honey that you can buy from the food storage section of grocery stores since I am Mormon central, love it:)
9 Tbls dry powdered milk (This works best if you blend it in the blender with the water first)
4 1/2 cups warm water
2 Tbls Yeast (I use SAF Instant)
4 cups whole wheat (I like hard white whole wheat flour. Gives good texture)
2 Tbls dough enhancer-(optional, but I love it)

Mix dry milk and warm water slowly in the blender. Add the honey. Pour mixture into large mixing bowl. Add yeast and whole wheat flour. (I also add 2 Tbls dough enhancer here) Allow it so sit and rest for about a half hour. This is called a sponge and it helps the yeast get a head start with whole wheat. This helps the whole wheat bread still be light and fluffy.

9 Tbls canola oil (it works better than the other oils, keeps the air bubbles small gives the bread a finer texture)
1 1/2 Tbls salt
8 cups General purpose flour, roughly. Add flour until the dough is still just barely sticky. (Dry dough will crack and be hard to work with, it will be ugly when it bakes, but still taste great! I would know)

Let dough sit for an hour in a large greased bowl to rise until its twice the size. If using dough enhancer, this will take 30-45mins.
Once risen, kneed again and shape into 4 loaf pans, or however you plan on cooking it, and let it rise till double again. Then bake at 375 for 30 minutes, or until meat thermometer reads 180 for normal loaves, and 190 for artisan.

To have a god looking crispier crust brush crust with egg white right before baking. Also adding herbs to the dough tastes wonderful. (pepper, basil, oregano, parsley al taste great together in bread!) Sprinkling things like oats and wheat germ or whatever you want on top of the bread looks great too!

Happy baking!

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  1. Love that you use and share and enhance our recipes from home! Keep at it girl!


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