Thursday, December 22

Home Sweet Home

Its official! We are all together again! My big sis Nikelle got here at 2 am and now every single one of us is back together. I am the second of three sisters and one brother and we can't ever get enough time together! Luckily we get 7 whole days! Bring on the almond roca, thin mints and the gym somewhere in the middle of all that.

Ps. How cute is this? One of my momma's dreams came true today. Her favorite class at the gym us water running. Sounded easy to us. So all 5 of her kids did it with her today. HARD. Holy smokes. And her dream was to have all five of her little Bird's go with her at one time. And we did. Happy Christmas Momma:)

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  1. You should describe water running.... It is running in the deep water supported by a weight belt, so there is no joint compression. However, you run, fast, and do sprints, and power runs, and even core work, by simulating you are sitting straight up in a chair and do leg lifts, scissors etc. The resistance of your body in the water is like moving weights and if you are working hard and fast enough it is challenging and great exercise both aerobically and toning as well.

    It was nice to be able to do an exercise that all my thin and fit kids could be challenged by, along with their older, less fit :) mother. Thanks for coming with me. I had a blast!


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