Thursday, November 1

Brassie Joggers Pattern Review

I know the jogger trend has been around for years and years, but honestly I never understood it. I made this pattern a few years ago but didn't love the fit, and didn't love the look of other jogger patterns I had seen. I'm typically a jeans and blouse, or casual dress type of person anyway so this type of casual everyday wear wasn't all that enticing, especially as I found it very unflattering on me. 

But recently its become more and more appealing -as the rest of the world is probably tiring of it, haha. But being a stay at home mom of two and pregnant with number three, I was suddenly searching for something comfortable to wear that was still acceptable to leave the house in. So I returned to joggers. Since I hadn't been pleased with this pattern in the past, I thought of trying others, like the ever popular Hudson pants, but I knew I'd need to make adjustments to those, too. So I decided to dive in and make these Brassie Joggers work for me. So here's what I did!

The Brassie Joggers have two rises, a low rise and mid rise (found in the layers portion of the pattern.) And also two lengths - a capri or full length.  The Brassies I made in the past were a low rise (on accident and without realizing it) and capri length. One of my main issues with these in the past was how crazy low they were which finally made me realize that I made the low rise accidentally. I also found the capri length pretty much full length on me. I'm 5' 8" but have very short legs, so this isn't a weird finding for me. And the calf area was huge, with basically no tapering in the the leg.

 So this time I made sure to cut the mid rise and the capri length but shorten the capri length an extra inch. Also instead of cutting a straight size I graded up a size around the hips for more room and graded down two sizes in the calf because I'm so much smaller down there. I then also tapered the cuffs so, that instead of rectangles that are too loose on me, they taper naturally like your leg does. 

I also added a slash pocket instead of the pocket that came with it, and deepened the pocket an inch and a half. And now - not shockingly - I love them! I've made two pairs and could honestly use another. I have found, however, that they stretch out quite quickly and that I could probably size down so that once they are stretched out I don't have to throw them in the wash just to shrink them. I love this fabric as its super comfortable and perfect for this pattern. The only downside in using it as pants is the stretching out factor. (Its the solid cotton/spandex french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and comes in loads of colors that they always restock. I used the burgundy and midnight navy for mine but there are loads of prints, too!)

Do you have a style you didn't love but have come back to later? 
Whether your style changed, just grew on you over time, or you just learned how to make it fit and work for you, its amazing the styles we come back to after we think they don't work for us!


PS. My cording and eyelets are from JoAnn. My shirt is a maternity ASOS dress from 4 years ago that I cut down and altered into a maternity t-shirt. And my Jacket (stretch denim) is a recent purchase from Old Navy. But if you want to make your own I recommend the Hampton Jean Jacket from Alina Design Co!

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