Wednesday, March 8

Little Fish Swim Trunks

If you have a boy and you ever touch water in any form, I've found the swim trunks your boy needs. Little Fish is a handmade euro style swim trunk brand and let me attest that after buying these, my boys will never wear anything else.  They are close fitting, super stretchy and allow all the movement that boys need on their adventures. 

They look amazing on babies and big kids, the bigger sizes are all fully lined but don't trap sand - so no worries if you're a beach dweller. 

 Also, because of the style and how stretchy they are, boys can actually get multiple years use out off them. They might get tighter and shorter, but since thats the euro style, they just keep looking amazing! Miles is wearing the 6 month size (he's 6 months old and 17 pounds) and I feel like they look great, but will also look great all year long as he grows. 

Bonus - the lovely Rachel, designer, maker, and mama behind it all gave me a coupon code for all you! So head over to Little Fish and use code AMMONLANE for 10% off! You'll never regret these!

Also, there's a giveaway going on over at MaLyn Logic so go enter for a chance to win!

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