Tuesday, January 27

The Conrad Fam of 2014

 Have you ever need photos taken so badly that you pack up your family, the camera, the tripod and remote and go off on a grand adventure to take your own? (Adventure often ends in screaming kid and upset family...) Well before Christmas I realized we still hadn't had family pictures taken and I needed something, anything, for our card. So thats what we did. And I am finally getting around to sharing them. They definitely would be considered a #Pinterestfail in some respects, but some turned out ok. They're at least making due until we get professional ones taken. I just haven't seemed to make the time between a sick kid and every day life and trying to get my Etsy shop open. More on that later. For now, our DIY family photos.


  1. They are perfect! You three are adorable! Miss you guys!

  2. My word, she is so so cute! You guys are adorable. I love seeing happy young families!

  3. They look amazing for you taking them with a tripod! Jealous! You guys are such a cute family! Miss you guys! I wish I could take your family pictures!!


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